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Tiny Revolutions (Meanjin Essay)

January 21st, 2011 No Comments

I am about to head off for 3 and a bit ¬†weeks in the USA so updates may be sporadic for a while. In the meantime if you want to read something longer and chunkier of mine, the good folks at Meanjin have just put my essay Tiny Revolutions from the last issue online. It’s […]

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The decline and fall of corporate culture?

November 20th, 2009 1 Comment

THE dominant cultural form of the 20th century is starting to unravel. What was the dominant cultural form of the 20th century? There are plenty of candidates and no lack of ones that are allegedly under threat. Cinema? Rock music? The album? Radio? The four-minute single? Magazines? Newspapers? Television? Actually, it was none and all […]

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