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Cities of Initiative, cities as festivals, hammers and nails

October 18th, 2010 8 Comments

I’ve been meaning to write a long essay about this for a while but stumbled at figuring out exactly who would publish it. So brain dump follows… One of the things that my friend, collaborator, enabler, and founding Renew Newcastle board member Craig Allchin has pointed out to me many times is that is that i used […]

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Renew Newcastle and TINA

August 28th, 2009 No Comments

Classic TINA program from 2002 – my last year in charge. The 1st-5th of October is the time to be in Newcastle. Renew Newcastle is working up a series of events that will take place over the This Is Not Art Festival weekend. We’ll be running tours, talking about and showing off the project for […]

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