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Creating Cities Crowdfunding Book Update

July 8th, 2013 by marcus

The first day of crowd funding the Creating Cities book based on the  work we’ve been doing with Renew Newcastle and Renew Australia has been a great success. This will sound oddly back to front but my particular thanks goes to the person who gave one single dollar. In some ways that’s the point of the work we have been doing with Renew — it shows that the little things, the small actions of the many, can make a real and tangible difference — as the campaign evolves i’m going to have a think about how we can reward small contributions (particularly from those who want to acknowledge this work but don’t actually want or need a book) a little better.

Fortunately a few people can afford more than that and we’ve actually managed to reach about 75% of my pre-funding target with less than a day and (just as importantly for me) pre-sell over 130 actual books!  That seems like an amazing effort. Very big thanks for everyone who has contributed and particularly those that bought a book already.

A quick reminder that the campaign doesn’t stop when we hit the magical $10,000 though — that’s the bare minimum. That’s the “i cobble together my notes, do my best to polish them up and hack them into a book version.” It’s the level where i still rely on calling in a lot favours, mates rates, and my own inept efforts to see a good book get made. The ideas will be good but it won’t be the best version possible in the execution so the more the campaign grows the better the outcome will be.

Progress so far has been fantastic but if you haven’t contributed by either donating or pre-ordering a book please jump in and do so! Oh and please pass it on to your friends via facebook and twitter or loud hailer if that works for you.

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