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Speaking of (or on or about) the #NBN … Yep, i’m available.

May 16th, 2013 by marcus

Picuture via NBNCo

Since i posted my life-on-the-NBN review a few days ago I’ve been a little inundated with responses. It was a bit of an afterthought post written while i was on holidays but it has easily smashed the record for the most views, incoming links, and general buzzitude of anything I’ve posted around here in quite some time. It’s even smashed my heroic efforts at failure a few weeks back.

I’ve gotten back from holidays to a small backlog of email requests from companies, communities and academics asking me to write for, be interviewed for, or speak at events about the NBN. They are variously asking whether i’d be interested to talk about it from a consumer, business or community perspective or elaborating on how some of the experiences i’ve identified might relate to what they’re doing or what their communities might expect as the NBN gets turned on. Obviously, my work involves more than a bit of public speaking so it’s not something i’m at all daunted by. In my home-town spirit of never-letting-a-chance-go-by I thought I should quickly post a follow up to offer up my services.

My current work is flexible enough that i have some potential availability (i.e. it can’t pay me full time so i am scrapping around for other bits and pieces of work). After several years of directly and indirectly subsidising Renew Newcastle and Renew Australia suffice to say it wouldn’t hurt financially to get the odd other gig. (Is that subtle enough? This stuff is driving me broke!)

So… NBN coming to your community and want a perspective from someone other than NBN Co PR hack to talk about it? Sure. Want to know how it is changing working from home or small business? Yep, doing that. Interested in what the NBN means for cloud-based products and services from actual experience? Yep, got some stories for you. Want someone to talk about the impact of the NBN on your business from a consumer perspective? Sure… well, maybe… depends what your business does actually.

Anyhow, in most cases I’ve been there done that and can whack together a good preso about it. In another life (when digital watches were a pretty neat idea) I used to write, work with and talk about technology for a living, and of late i’ve written a lot — and even made a TV series a few years back — about how technology is changing culture  so i mostly know what i’m talking about on the tech front.

So if you’re interested and would like me to speak at an event, write a piece for a publication, or otherwise engage in something longer than a phone interview for something you are doing that is NBN related then drop me a line. But, without trying to sound like a total bastard, it’d need to pay me — happy to calibrate the cost to client but every spare minute of volunteer time i have to spare is already taken up with talking, spruiking and promoting my Renew work.

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  • 2 unsungsongs May 16, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    If u tweeps share this with the words #NBN #publicspeaking #expert in the title it’s all #SEO #SMEG good, right?

  • 3 MarquisO May 16, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    RT @unsungsongs: If u tweeps share this with the words #NBN #publicspeaking #expert in the title it’s all #SEO #SMEG good, right? http://t.…

  • 4 GeorginaSiddall May 16, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    @unsungsongs Completely agree w comments about high cost / poor quality Oz entertainment offer & want to know how to jail break my server!