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Google Ads: buys Banksy

October 12th, 2010 by marcus

Note the advertiserFile this under the “random things that amuse me” category.

I just googled Banksy to have a look at the opening sequence for The Simpsons he has apparently just directed. I was more than a little amused to discover who had bought the Google ad in the right column when i googled Banksy. Click on the image if you need a closer look.

Apparently (of Herald Sun/ Daily Telegraph/ News Ltd fame) have bought the search term and are using it promote their online gallery of “Banksy’s Masterpieces: View some of artists Banksy’s most loved works online here.

As i wrote mid last year of Melbourne’s complex relationship with it’s own street art scene:

The reality is that Melbourne’s graffiti is both highly popular and widely vilified. Tabloid frenzies, media beat-ups and scare campaigns push politicians towards draconian policy responses and self-evidently stupid statements. Few politicians are brave enough to acknowledge that much of anti-graffiti rhetoric comes from the same media outlets that regularly use street art in their photographs, feature it in their lifestyle lift-outs, or promote it on their travel shows.

I should probably have added something about praising its “masterpieces” to drive traffic to their web sites. And no, the irony is not lost on me that The Simpsons is on Fox which is also a news corp company.

I should point out that News aren’t alone in this. Many newspapers — including some i’ve contributed to —  have too been guilty of demonising street art in the news sections while praising or featuring it in the travel/ lifestyle/ culture sections. It’s just that this is an irresistibly obvious example.

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