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Renew Newcastle and TINA

August 28th, 2009 by marcus

Classic TINA program from 2002 – my last year in charge.

The 1st-5th of October is the time to be in Newcastle. Renew Newcastle is working up a series of events that will take place over the This Is Not Art Festival weekend. We’ll be running tours, talking about and showing off the project for the hordes who converge in Newcastle over the weekend.

I’m really looking forward to it. It will be a convergence of two of the best things i’ve ever been associated with: Renew Newcastle and TINA and a chance to show the results of the Renew efforts to many of my friends who only tend to make it to Newcastle once a year.

If you’re making plans for TINA trying and make sure you get there in time for friday night.The friday night is shaping up to be quite a celebration of all that we’ve managed to achieve with Renew thus far. The Renew shops will be open, many of the galleries will be launching, and many special TINA, Electrofringe and NYWF events will be taking place in many of our venues and empty spaces we’ve managed to broker acces to. Sound Summit has organised for Seattle’s Tiny Vipers to play at our daggy 70s church headquarters – softly christening it as what may turn into a semi regular performace venue.

It’s funny to think that at TINA this time last year Marni Jackson (now Renew Newcastle’s General Manager but then the manager of TINA) did me the huge favour of squeezing a session about my highly specualtive plans to reinvigourate the city well after the program deadline had closed. It was a pivotal event in hindsight. I also managed to pin down while she was far too distracted to realise what she was getting in for somewhere in the heat of all the TINA work and get her to agree to “help out” when her commitments with TINA were over. I doubt either of us knew what we were getting in for. 12 months, 36 projects and 24 no longer empty buildings later it looks like it just might work.

I’ve just booked my accomodation for This Is Not Art in Newcastle and my advice to others who are thinking of doing the same is to get in early! TINA is Newcastle’s largest annual tourism event. By last week it had become tricky to find accomodation by the end of September it threatens to become impossible.

Also, if any of you journo, blogger, media maker types converging on Newcastle for TINA are interested in writing or making something about Renew don’t hesitate to drop Marni or myself a line.

The 1st-5th of October is the time to be in Newacastle.

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