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NQA Shooting and Publicity whoring…

June 19th, 2008 by marcus

We start shooting of the second series of Not Quite Art in Melbourne this afternoon!

A clue to this is the fact that i spent a small fortune on clothes, actually paid for a haircut (for the first time since the day NQA series one finished filming) on the weekend, and have been getting up to look in the mirror every twenty minutes while i am waiting to get started.

We are shooting in Melbourne over the next few days, Sydney over the weekend and Brisbane early next week. Then we’ll take a break before heading off to the Northern Territory and Singapore in July and probably doing some additional stuff in Sydney and Melbourne around that time.

The new series has a strong emphasis on the way in which communications technology is changing our culture: where we get it from, what inspires us, what we have access to, and where our culture makers find their audiences.

I am also on a desperate hunt for any long lead publicity. Let me make this clear: I AM ALMOST ENTIRELY WITHOUT STANDARDS and will be willing to do pretty much anything.

This includes (but is not in any way limited to):

  • Doing that stupid section about the contents of my shopping basket in the weekend magazine bit of the paper (does that still exist?);
  • Having my photo taken with zany props or dressed fashionably in the ludicrously expensive clothes I’ve just bought;
  • Talk seriously about the issues raised in the series and my cultural obsessions more generally;
  • Offer a detailed and thoughtful analysis about Australian culture and cultural policy;
  • Gratuitously slag off stuff in a headline grabbing way;
  • Do dodgy email interviews with even dodgier blogs;
  • Talk about my favourite cafe/ book/ film/ travel destination/ sexual position/ football player/ graphic designer/ album/ Home and Away star/ computer etc (and make them up if necessary) to fill those little columns
  • Submit myself for detailed, gruelling probing interviews complete with allowing you to make amateur psychological assessments;
  • Be available to journos and camera folks who might want to come along and actually talk to us while filming;
  • Talk about This Is Not Art (turning 10 this October!), LOUD, Noise, Next Wave, HSIV, the 2020 summit, challenging Olympic athletes, the Logies or anything else that i might have been involved in down the years.
  • Write something for your publication (if i can find the time!)
  • Just about anything else that gets you a little closer to meeting your word limit on deadline.

You get the idea. Seriously, i’d love to try and drum up some interest in the new series – so if anyone out there has any thoughts let me know. Happy to talk to newspapers, mags, blogs, radio, tv, zines, street press, student press, morse code publishers, and town criers. Actually that town crier idea is a winner – i might work that up.

The series will go to air in late October. So if you are involved in any kind of publication that is likely to be coming out around that time then drop me a line.

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