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My radio debut

May 16th, 2008 by marcus

I am indulging in an experimental change of career this weekend.

I’m making my radio debut (well, my debut as a radio presenter/broadcaster type) on ABC 1233 in Newcastle from 10-12am this coming Saturday morning. I’ll be doing two hours of actual, live, i-totally-have-no-idea-what-i-am-doing type radio broadcasting. If it works out i’ll be doing some fill in gigs for ABC local radio presenters in Newcastle and elsewhere around Australia later in the year. Obviously that is only until I’m made a better offer by a commercial FM station or lurch cynically but dramatically to the right in order to take over from Alan Jones.

I have no idea how this will go. I think i know how to interview people but my overwhelming fear is that i have no idea whatsoever how to work the gear and this will almost certainly result in dead air, comments intended for the producer being broadcast and other hilarious but unintentional comic shenanigans. Right now an ABC radio studio desk looks to me like the space shuttle flight deck (complex, lots of nobs and screens and based on 1970s technology) – I hope it’s more reliable. There is every possibility that Saturday morning’s broadcast could also end in a flaming ball of fire.

If you are in the Newcastle and Hunter region tune in on 1233. If not you can always listen in on the stream on the ABC Newcastle web site – why you would bother to is beyond me. If it is the beginning of a beautiful radio career you’ll be able to say you heard it first. If it isn’t you’ll be one of the few who knows why.

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  • 1 Jason May 16, 2008 at 3:42 pm

    Nice one! Congrats! I reckon you’ll do well, and I also think ABC local radio is a much-underrated platform. Break a leg. It would be the pre-“Grandstand” slot, right?

  • 2 Simone Sheridan May 21, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    I would love to listen to your premiere of radio performance but will be at work at a call centre, active listening is apparently important.
    I have to say I found out you were in Newcastle before googling your name and stumbling upon this website, as you signed the Watt Space guestbook and your comment just about made my day.
    I am a co-curator of Make Do and have been ecstatic with all the feedback from the show. People got it! (Well, most of them..)
    I also have to tell you that by strange chance I met you parents in law whilst doing work at The Lock Up. (wierd?) I was just chatting to them about the state of Newcastle and lamented on not seeing the whole series of ‘Not Quite Art’. Strange coincidence or fate? All I know is that I was delivered a copy to my house within a fortnight.
    Not Quite Art has been of much inspiration to me, you resonated so many truths which i have been pondering about myself. It is my dream to start an ARI in Newcastle and I hope to at least get the plan and development stages next semester when I (hopefully) begin my honors studies.
    Anyway, I have much to ramble about so maybe I should send an email..