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No Log(ie)

April 8th, 2008 by marcus

Actual Logie invite complete with name in GOLD pen

I’ve just found out that I’ve failed to secure a Logie nomination for Not Quite Art.

The good folks at ABC TV had apparently put my name forward for the Graham Kennedy award for the “Most Outstanding New Talent.” It is a sign of just how delusional you (ok I!) can quickly become that i’ve managed the full arc of responses from initially thinking “That’s the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard” through to a few variations of “how could i not win? Really?” and even thinking up a few pearler lines for the victory speech. All in the course of about three weeks.

In hindsight, the fact that i’m not an actor probably didn’t help. Everyone who actually got a nomination in that category was. Looking at it objectively, pretending to be other people is probably more difficult that pretending to be me (unless of course, unlike me you are not me, in which case it is a lot harder).

Unfortunately, I suspect it was probably my only chance. You are only new once and the Most Popular Slightly Dorky Presenter of poortly rating arts shows category was dropped a while back.

Anyhow equal measure of congratulations and get f***ed to all the successful nominees.

On the upside, I am still going to the Logies (apparently the ABC have to decide the guest list before they know who made the list) and i no longer have any incentive to stay sober. Creative suggestions of what i could do with this privileged access to the inner sanctum of Australian TV land are most welcome.

So far i have come up with:

  • Take Richard Wilkins aside and confront him about his banality,
  • Tell Kerry O’Brien what i really think about his political interviewing technique,
  • Snog one of the Veronicas or ideally both,
  • Sleep with someone from Home and Away (ideally not Alf but if he’s last one to leave the after party anything could happen),
  • Pull some kind of zany prank on the Chaser crew and film it for Today Tonight …

But i am really open to suggestions.

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  • 1 Danielle Dunkley Apr 10, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    I think you should commando roll onto the stage and when nobody is looking put a witches hat on top of the gold logie statue!